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Our Credibility

Danielle Pechie


Back to Mobility yoga studio and massage clinic is led by Danielle Pechie, one of Calgary’s most renowned senior yoga teachers and massage therapists.

With more than 32 years experience, Danielle is an expert in biomechanics, anatomy, sports therapy and yoga.

Danielle leads a team of highly qualified instructors to ensure clients experience life-changing improvements to their postural alignment, mobility and movement.

Jan Bidrman

"Through the guidance of the teachers at this studio I am able to experience a sense of body openness, flexibility and strength that I have never experienced before. 

Through tailored, gradual and specific work I feel that I am regaining physical openness and because of the work in the studio, my mind is more settled, my thoughts calm and streamlined.

What a great place to practice!"

Karine Elhashemi

"Danielle is a gem of a yoga teacher. She teaches from a very mindful and heartfelt place. Her endless knowledge, insight and wisdom of the body, its ability to move and its capacity for more mobility are priceless. I have been practising yoga for over 20 years; and specifically with Danielle, for the last 6 years. Danielle is by far one of the best teachers I have ever practised with. She deepens my learning and understanding on all levels. She also challenges my body to reach its potential for mobility in so many ways that I didn’t know possible. I always leave her classes fascinated at what I have gained as a learner and what my body is able to do, as I feel true change within my body unfolding. Danielle and her lovely studio are a true gift to the Yoga community in Calgary."

Tanis Fishman

"I recognized the brilliance of Danielle's teachings almost immediately. She is a wise one and master teacher of optimal movement of the human body. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom and ability to communicate intelligent alignment is a testament to her many many years of dedicated study and disciplined exploration. She spends all her time in service of others and decoding the human master blueprint in order to move more freely.
It is such a blessing to have her here in the city. A true gem and master teacher.

~ Tanis Fishman
Yoga teacher, founder of School of Sankalpa - Yoga nidra training school"

Wendy Hansen

"I have had the pleasure of attending classes at this studio for 5 years now. The instructors provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment to work and learn in. The physical strength and flexibility I have gained give me confidence to pursue other physical activities!"