Introduction to Yoga for Backs

Hello, and welcome to yoga for backs. The classes and movement sequences you will find on this site are geared towards improving your posture, releasing tension and helping you build a better relationship with your body. Yoga for backs is based on the work of Gert Van Leu Waan and his ingenious Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy system.

There are some necessary tools you will need to purchase and familiarize yourself with in order to participate on this site. These tools can be divided into 2 categories : 

  • soft props: the black spinal strip and a felt pad, which a correctly folded and rolled cotton blanket can be used as a substitute
  • big or hard tools: the backbending and headstanding bench

I have created this page for beginners, like you, to introduce you to the props and how to use them. Once you are familiar with the props you can adjust search filters on the home page to explore over 100 yoga and therapy options.

The Props

Learn how our unusual yoga props and movement classes work to improve alignment, increase mobility and relieve painful imbalances in the body

The Props & Practice: How and Why It Works

Black Spinal Strip Tutorial: How and Why It Works

The Felt Pad Tutorial: How and Why It Works

The Backbending Bench: How and Why It Works