Critical Alignment Yoga at home

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A critical prop for spinal mobility-The backbending bench is an incredibly useful tool to help mobilize tension in the upper back, increasing our ability to breathe and move more efficiently.
Join me at my campsite as we explore a full easy range of movement practice to help you loosen up for the day ahead.
hips and back yoga alignment

A 75 minute hips and back sequence.

More Classes

A breakdown of how and what and why you can benefit from the props and their use.
A daily 10 minute foot stability and balance sequence.- Build your arches, improve your balance and coordination by adding this little sequence into your life.
10 minute twisting description - followed by 65 minutes of soft props and asana work. Last 10 minutes is in the headstander or a headstand from the floor ( If you've practiced these before)
A props free Ashtanga based practice! Slow and well guided suns salutations, standing work, backbends and headstand practice- everything you need for an intelligent all levels yoga practice.
The first 50 minutes of this class is all about progressive openings with the soft Critical Alignment Yoga props. The last 15 minutes put us on the backbending bench for openings and into the headstanding bench to practice vipraita dandasana.
A fun and integrated practice that moves seamlessly from black spinal strip to asana back to felt pad and more asana. All levels beginner friendly.
Critical Alignment Yoga method of tria15 minute modification and alignment tutorial on the very popular DOWNWARD FACING DOG posture.


Our yoga and movement classes are based on Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga, developed in the Netherlands by the visionary Gert van Leeuwen.

The importance of critical alignment is gaining attention because alignment is key to greater mobility, less pain and lower risk of injury. Cues like “neutral spine” and “squared hips” are now commonplace in fitness classes.

Our classes are different. We don't just cue alignment. Our amazing props align, mobilize and strengthen the spinal column, hips and shoulders. Our exercises help develop full range mobility and strength so the body grows strong, supple and resilient.

New to yoga with props? Check out our intro video: 


If you live in Calgary, you can pick up a spinal strip at the studio for $50 plus GST. Text Danielle to make arrangements. (403-809-6383)

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