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Categories: Full Props, Prop Tutorial
Critical Alignment Yoga method of twisting in seated and standing postures. Read more
This 30 minute video, brings the participant through a slightly condensed preparation with the Critical Alignment props and finishes with Read more
This 30 min tutorial talks about how twisting can help to mobilize your spine and stabilize your lower back. Read more
Critical Alignment Yoga method of triangle pose Read more


Our yoga and movement classes are based on Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga, developed in the Netherlands by the visionary Gert Van LeeuWen.

The importance of Critical Alignment is gaining attention, due to its focus on movement chains and our use of props which balance the spine and hips to reduce tension and address postural asymmetries. 

These classes are different I don't just cue alignment, I explain and educate while giving you, the participant, an opportunity to experience the practice. Amazing props align, mobilize and strengthen the spinal column, hips and shoulders. These classes help develop full range mobility and strength so the body grows strong, supple and resilient.

New to yoga with props? check out our intro to yoga for backs series under the about us tab.


If you live in Calgary, you can pick up the soft props in person.

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